Blu's Mission...

...To be a force of love, that will, inspire and motivate the human race to reach their dreams and empower them to make a difference in the lives of others through acts of kindness...

About Blu...

Originating in New York City, and now heralding from Orlando Florida, Blu "The Healing Jeweler" handcrafts pieces that promote healing and peace of mind that can be the focal point of your ensemble, or an eye-catching supplement. With healing as the priority, and a desire to have her custom pieces be accessible to a wide audience, all of her materials are natural and hypoallergenic. Inspired by her origins, her experience as a Master Barber and Dog Groomer, and other aspects of her life, she creates pieces that reflects her journey and inspires you as you move through your own. Her work has been featured in a number of designer fashion shows, photoshoots and magazines from New York to Orlando. “It is with crystals I have found my place of healing in the world, and through my creations not only do I get to heal others, but I get to heal a small piece of myself.”- Blu, 

I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the gorgeous pieces I bought from Blu! They make me feel like a QUEEN!

Orlando, FL

I don’t know which is more beautiful the pieces I’ve bought from Blues Traveling Jewels or the spirit of the jeweler! 

Brooklyn, NY

"The pieces I have purchased for myself and loved ones are made with an energetic love that you feel the moment you wear them."

Detroit, MI